Suggested Scoring Changes for WTF Taekwondo

Proposed Changes // By alighafour.comProposed Scoring Changes // By

Author: Ali Ghafour


While I was watching the 2015 Pan Am Games for Taekwondo and many other Taekwondo fights since electronic scoring came into effect – I always wondered how to make the sport more fun to watch, fun to compete in, and make accessible for all body types to proliferate the sport more. I am going to outline some suggestions below that can accomplish this.

Overall Goal

Change WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) scoring rules to encourage spectator friendly techniques such as multiple techniques (i.e. combinations) and power shots. This will also allow the sport to be accessible to many different body types (and not only to tall athletes as the sport currently favours).

Current challenge

The scoring system currently rewards high section (good) but because of the low chances to score mid section, athletes are reserved to open up with a variety of techniques due to the fear of getting touched lightly in the head (and thus loosing 3 points). As a result, athletes have adopted “safer” fighting tactics which make the sport less entertaining to watch, and allowing a very specific body type (tall and lean) to dominate the sport, while leaving out a majority of the population.

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