Oakville Annual Kick-a-Thon a Huge Success

TKDNews.ca / Jamie DosSantos

10th Annual Kick-a-Thon was held by Oakville Taekwondo Club on this Saturday April 26, 2015. This year they raised the record amount of $15,000 for the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.

TKDNews.ca / Strong Kids Campaign

TKDNews.ca / Strong Kids Campaign


“This is the 10th year we hold a Kick-a-Thon for Strong Kids”, – said Jamie DosSantos, the Head Coach of Oakville YMCA. “Every year our students participate in the Kick-a-thon to raise funds to support children to be part of the YMCA community”.

Over 100 families with kids attended the event. The donations can be made at: YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.


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